The global fashion industry is

Since COVID-19, brands have been using their disproportionate power over suppliers to cancel orders, grossly extend payment terms or pay substantially less than initially agreed. In Bangladesh, this has had a devastating impact on suppliers and their workers, who now face unemployment, starvation and risk of infection.

$3.5 billion

Orders cancelled


Factory closures

4 million

Workers affected


TEEK TAKA is an ethical finance platform that seeks to improve labour conditions in global supply chains. We help suppliers in developing markets access working capital in return for participating in a more transparent and responsible system. This enables suppliers to pay their worker’s wages, maintain health and safety standards, and reduce the risks of COVID-19 to ongoing business operations.

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International Labour Standards

Promoting labour standards is not only good for business but shares the benefits of trade with some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. At TEEK TAKA, we believe every human being has the right to live and work in dignity. That’s why we enable businesses to build trust and show that they’re serious about worker’s rights. Our platform measures all supplier’s compliance towards the following international labour standards:

Fair Wages

Health & Safety

Worker Well-being

Trade Unions


How does it work?

TEEK TAKA brings buyers, suppliers and investors together on a single platform to ensure better transparency,
collaboration and accountability in global supply chains.


Buyers commit to improving global supply chains by encouraging suppliers to take part in a more transparent system and approving necessary documents when required.


Suppliers comply with industry standards that protect the rights, safety and well-being of workers. Once verified, they have access to the platform where they can apply for cheaper and faster financing.


Investors have access to a portfolio of ethical businesses who they can finance, with visibility of crucial sustainability data from all trading parties.


Workers benefit from a more transparent and accountable system that is committed to improving their livelihood and work conditions.

Textile Tracker

Since COVID-19, fashion brands have cancelled $3.5 billion worth of orders in Bangladesh – approximately 982 million pieces of quality clothing items – much of which had already been produced. Our Textile Tracker maps cancelled orders and connects factories to potential buyers, who can purchase, adapt, or recycle these items and prevent them going to landfill.

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