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2018-01-20 (2)

About Us

TEEK TAKA brings innovative and sustainable solutions to worker rights challenges.

We’re utilizing blockchain to improve labour practices in the global supply chain. With an aim to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our platform offers financial incentives to businesses, which adopt ethical and sustainable behaviours. We help suppliers in developing markets access working capital in return for participating in a more open, transparent and responsible system.

How does it work?


Buyers commit to improving global supply chains by encouraging suppliers to take part in an open and transparent system.


Suppliers comply with industry standards that protect the well-being of workers, local communities and the environment.


Workers are added to a secure registry and given digital identities that make it easier to protect their rights.

Transparency is a Powerful Tool

The global supply chain is complex and opaque. As such consumers lack meaningful information about where their garments were made. A t-shirt might say 'Made in Bangladesh' but in which of the country’s thousands of factories and under what conditions for its employees? We’re building a secure registry for workers and their contracts to ensure better protection of their rights. Our blockchain platform brings security and resilience to vulnerable systems and encourages trust where it's needed the most.

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We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at or complete the form.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at or complete the form.