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2018-01-20 (2)

About Us

TEEK TAKA brings innovative and sustainable solutions to the fight against poverty.

Our digital payments app is designed for those who don’t meet the requirements of traditional banks. We’re using blockchain technology to expand financial inclusion to even the remotest parts of Bangladesh. Our goal is to eradicate poverty by creating a more affordable, transparent and inclusive ecosystem.

Products & Services

Personal Account

Your personal account is absolutely free and comes with its own prepaid card - available to use online, at stores and ATM’S nationwide. Send and receive payments instantly, record transactions and learn to manage your finances more effectively. Everyone is welcome at TEEK TAKA - no minimum balance required.

Business Solutions

Our digital salary transfer allows businesses to pay wages easily, timely and more efficiently. Save time and costs by streamlining your payroll process and protecting the interests of your company and its employees. Enable workers to receive their hard-earned wages in a more secure and convenient way.

Money Transfer

Send and receive money abroad using the real exchange rate. Our remittance solution offers complete transparency so you can avoid hidden charges and hefty bank fees. Transfer money instantly without having to travel or wait in long queues. We provide the fastest and easiest way for you to support your family.

Building A System That Works For Everyone

For generations, traditional banking has excluded large segments of society that can't afford the account balances that make banks profitable. At TEEK TAKA, we’re redefining the economics of banking by building a system that works for everyone - not just the privileged few.

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We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at or complete the form below.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at or complete the form below.